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Artists in Residence

The Museum School Ceramics Department launched an Artist in Residence program in 2011. Residency programs benefit both the artist and the organization in that the artist is able to build his/her own repertoire of skills and add to his/her résumé. The organization receives the benefit of a emerging professional in the field who will bring fresh ideas to the program.

Julia BaughJulia Baugh is the Resident Artist – Ceramics at the Arkansas Art Center. She holds a BS in Respiratory Care from the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences and an MA from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. As a native Arkansan, she has harbored a love of art dating back to her early childhood. This interest persisted through high school and afterwards in college with ceramics.

In 2002 she became a respiratory therapist and practiced in the medical field for a total of 10 years in both Little Rock Arkansas and San Francisco California. Her path back to ceramics began at a small clay studio in Northern California in 2009. She returned to Little Rock in 2010, and took a wheel throwing class at the Arkansas Art Center as a creative outlet. Following the encouragement of her class instructor, Kelly Edwards, she took an independent study wheel throwing class at UALR, and shortly after began working on her MA with an emphasis in studio art in ceramics.

Rippling folds of clay and thin illustrative marks are a theme in her functional ceramic work. Her experimentation with transparent, micro crystal-forming glazes serve to enhance her pieces by pooling in hollowed areas, and spilling over rims and edges. Julia’s goal is to continue to create and explore a variety of shapes for functional ware that are fascinating to look at and enjoyable to use. See Julia’s work at:

The Ceramics Department’s inaugural Artist-in-Residence, Jennifer Fitzhugh, completed her residency in August 2012. Her lasting contribution to the Pottery Department was converting the old Alpine kiln into a soda-fire kiln. Our second Artist-in-Residence, Ryan Sniegocki, served as resident artist for two years, from 2012 to 2014, and continued the work started by Jennifer of converting the old Alpine kiln into a soda-fire kilnAshley Morrison, our Resident Artist in Ceramics for 2014–2015, taught basic handbuilding and intermediate and advanced handbuilding and wheel throwing ceramics classes.

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